Final Theses

Final Degree Theses

The Chair of Industrial Economics and Innovation supervises Bachelor's and Master's theses throughout the year.

When writing and submitting your scientific thesis, please observe the applicable formal criteria of the examination board.

Application Process

You can notify our secretary Isabelle Guyot of your interest in writing a thesis at any time by e-mail.

For your orientation, we have summarized the steps for registering your Bachelor's or Master's thesis below:.

  1. Please contact the secretary at guyot[at] We kindly ask you to submit the following information with your message:

    - A short introduction of yourself

    - Which courses/modules have you already attended? What are your main interests?

    - You are welcome to send us your topic suggestions and ideas in your first e-mail. The exploration of a topic for your thesis will be individually supervised by us.

    - Please send us your suggestion for an initial meeting.
  2. Further consultation and topic identification will usually take place in a personal meeting or via Zoom.
  3. Please send us the completed application form, once your topic has been specified and defined. After your supervisor has signed it, we will forward it to the examination office for registration. As soon as it has been processed there, the registration is visible on StudiLöwe.

    Further important information:

    - There are no registration deadlines at our chair and you are welcome to contact us at any time.

    - It is possible to write both Bachelor's and Master's theses in German or English, depending on your preference.

    - Please make sure to follow the instructions on the page of the Central Examination Office (Zentrales Prüfungsamt). There you will find all the necessary forms. Please do not forget to apply for admission to the Bachelor's or Master's examination before registering your thesis.

Selection of Written Theses

In order to give you an idea of the topics that have been dealt with in the past, you will find a selection of written theses below:

Bachelor thesis:

- Comparing the prices of a cryptocurrency from different currency areas

- An investigation of the development of the German long-distance bus transport

- A systematic review of studies on competitiveness

Master's thesis:

- Innovation of renewable energy in China

- Investigation of the regulatory framework of investments for an intelligently controlled power grid

- Simulation of cost-optimal energy systems in 2050 and the influence of the transport sector on these

- Elaboration of optimal procurement strategies for gas utilities using a simulation tool

- Literature review and empirical analysis of risk premia on spot markets for electricity

- Empirical analysis of competitiveness and entrepreneurship at individual and national level

- Economic characteristics and peculiarities of the electric car market

- Analysis of potential welfare enhancement through entrepreneurship promotion at universities

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