Dr. Dmitrii Galkin 04/2024

„Relative Performance Evaluation in executive compensation - Investigating the Effects of Relative Performance Bonuses on Individual Strategies and Market Dynamics through an Experimental Approach"

Dr. Faisal Saeed Malik 01/2021

„Terrorism, Corporate Performance and Business Strategies: Presence, Impact, and Future"

Dr. Sandro Lombardo 07/2019

Competing for fun? An interdisciplinary approach to the concept, measurement, and relevance of individual competitiveness

Dr. Niyaz Valitov 05/2019

„Pricing and Risk Premia in German Electricity Markets

Dr. Jana Schmutzler de Uribe 07/2016

„A matter of context - A multilevel study on the effects of social context on Innovation and Entrepreneurship“

Dr. Christian Dienes 06/2015

„On the Behavior and Attitudes of Firms and Individuals Towards Resource Efficiency and Climate Change Mitigation“

Dr. Sebastian Nielen 06/2014

„Firms' short-run responses to capital and labor market frictions: the case of trade credit and temporary employment“

Dr. Ute Filipiak 02/2014

„Financial Investments, Financial Literacy, and Trust in Financial Institutions: Evidence from Indian Households“

Dr. Monika Piegeler 10/2013

„Latent and Nascent Entrepreneurship - A Matter of Personality“

Dr. Clara Inés Pardo Martínez 09/2010

„Analysis of energy efficiency development at different aggregation levels in the manufacturing Industries Evidence from Germany and Colombia“

Dr. Prashanth Mahagaonkar 03/2009

"Money and Ideas": Four studies on Finance, Innovation and Corruption

Die Dissertation wurde ausgezeichnet mit dem Schumpeter School Preis für Dissertationen.

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